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2024 Monthly Almanac and Location Flyer


You know them by The Fruit

Helping and Cultivating People

School and work are just two of the many things that can keep you preoccupied. However, no matter how busy you may get, you must never take your relationship with God for granted.


International Kingdom University U.S.A. is here to help cultivate a belief and trust in God by teaching the fundamentals of Christian faith. Contact us to learn more about our courses. We would love to help you get to know Christ better!


To unite the community and create more initiatives, we accept any kind of help from everyone. You may donate to us and contribute to our projects. Please contact us for further information. 

Registration for Classes, Graduation, Accreditation, Webinars

Registration- $150.

Associate Degree: per credit - $350.00

Bachelor's Degree: per credit hour: $450.00

Master's Degree: per credit hour: $550.00

Doctorate Degree: per credit hour: $650.00

Honorary Doctorate Degree: $1500.00

Lifetime Degree: $2500

Webinar & Seminar: To be announced

Conferences/International Massive Graduations

Affiliation - $1500.00

Graduation-$350.00 to $650.00 

Graduation- To be announced (including caps & gowns)


We accept Donations


Dr ​Bentley Baxter


Western Union: Yvonne Bentley, Margate, Florida

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