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Our Faculty

International Kingdom University U.S.A. is composed of a team of dedicated, hardworking, God-fearing individuals and certified, professional educations with a diversified love and compassion for people of all cultures. Discover what inspires them to equip people with the fundamentals of Christian faith!

Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue

Founding Father of International Kingdom University U.S.A

Dr. Alice Reagan Dudley

Health of Health and Wellness

Pastor Dr. Calvin Dudley Sr.

Profession and Head of the Senior University

Dr. Augustine Uzome

Vice President

Professor Bishop Dr. Chidiebere Anelechi Ogbu


Professor Apostle Dr. Billy and Dr. Prophet Cynthia Thompson

Overseer of IKU & IKC

Founder and Biography

International Kingdom University-U.S.A.

CEO and Founding mother Professor Yvonne B. Bentley, Ph.D

Founded in 2018

International Kingdom University was founded in 2018 by Professor Yvonne B. Bentley, Ph.D. as she was working as a Vice President of G.I.B.C. and President of International Association of Commission and Education. As a formal education in Leon County, Dade & Broward County, the Dean of Institute of God University in 2013, founding mother of Black Beauty University, World-wide International Church without Walls, Inc. Kingdom University-U.S.A. and International Christian Vision Ministerial University & Clergy Council, Professor Yvonne B. Bentley, Ph.D. started her own University in 2018 as she was encouraged by Dr. Helena Barrington her Board of Advisors, Dr. Kevin Vaughan her Advisor, Dr. Dinah Harper her friend and Student Advisor, Dr. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr., Apostle Billy & Cynthia Thompson, and her Vice President who established IKConnection, Inc. In Nigeria in 2014, he became her first Vice President and her trainees were promoted to their brand from their own non-profit organization like Dr. Calvin Dudley, Sr. with Senior Day, he is now a department with his wife Alice R. Dudley to establish a catering program and Senior Day University. Next, Professor Dr. Sherry and her husband Dr. Abrams of People Palace and Promise or Professors, my first thought of Chaplaincy came Chaplaincy Anneze Barthemy who I ordain in 2015. Later came Chaplaincy Professor Dr. Chadiebere A. Ogbu who has now established our Chaplaincy Department as a International Kingdom University-U.S.A. in South Africa. In addition, is Professor Lois Delevoe, DhD is teaching courses in discipleship, legacy and Atonement. Professor Paul Gaines run the Department of Humanities & Psychology, Professor Dr. Ureaka Prescott Rayford Department History, Ambassador Miriam L. Baxter Fairclough oversees Women and Children, Professor Alma Baxter, Ph.D. EdD Department of Early Childhood Behavior, Professor Paul Allieu Kamara, Ph.D. is the Administrator Specialist & Research Analyst he oversees our writing department with Ms. Keri Siegel who is over our new paper, flyer etc. Department of International Coalition of Clergy Council to ordain five-fold ministers is ran by the CEO and Founder of International Clergy Council Professor Dr. Paul Nwomonoh JP. Her original Board Member from WWICWW: Apostle Amos Benefield, his sisters Prophet Angie and Elder Carol Benefield, Dr. Veronica Daley, Bishop Dr. Lois Delevoe & Son are still actively involved in the lives of her and her family after 20 plus years of serve in Christ Jesus.

She ran her first special during a global Pandemic to assist five-fold ministers to convert their churches into an University platform to assist them with salaries and other financial challenges. Dr. Yvonne B. Bentley, Ph.D believe that we should prepare our nations for the inflation ahead through Christian Education, godly principles and an emergency effort to survive during these president times of trouble.

She believe that if every church organization would build out their congregation as a University method to teach, train and instruct each other by the plans of God divine order from the Holy Spirit. We will succeed in our destination to rule and rain in Christ Jesus for eternity. Our legacy of this life should be left to our succor, children, children until the end of the battle between good and evil. As an education, she lead you in the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

Professor Yvonne B. Bentley, Ph.D. is well supported by her three adult children Lillian A.V. Bentley, Kevonlian Bentley, Prince Bentley and her grandson Jahari Brown. She invite the entire Body of Christ to adopt this new model for the safety of our love one in the end time

Awards and Certificates

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