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Teaching the Fundamentals of Christian Faith

About Our Nonprofit Organization

International Kingdom University U.S.A. is a nonprofit organization that teaches the fundamentals of Christian faith. We serve everyone who wants to establish or rekindle their relationship with the Lord. We will also be offering apparels soon!

International Kingdom University-USA Future Florida Location

About the Owner

 Dr. Yvonne Baxter Bentley is the eighth daughter of Rev. Joseph and Lillian Baxter who raise her in church with her 10 other siblings. She is the mother of three beautiful children: Lillian A. V. Bentley, Kevonlian DeL’Marie Bentley, and Prince Maximus De’Laney Bentley. In addition, she is the grandmother of a bright 7-year old by the name of Jahari Brown.

Yvonne was in the top 10 female athletes coming out of South Florida in 1981. She was the offered scholarship from most of the major Universities. Yvonne chose to attend the University of Houston, Florida A & M University, Claflin University,  University of Phoenix where she received her master’s degree in Business Administration and a Doctorate degree at Grace International Bible University. She is also an ordained Senior Pastor of her own model World-wide International Church without Walls, Inc. and International Kingdom Connection, Inc. 

She was working on her doctorate degree at Walden University in Human Services. She was a straight A doctorate degree student after offered an honorary doctorate degree from Christian South Indiana University,  My King’s Service University, Grace International Bible University. She has been awarded at the Newsome Award show, Agape Award Show and Greg Shell Show. She is now working with MA'KO publisher and promoter of NBA, NFL and WNBA. 

Yvonne has been a certified teacher for the past 25 years in Leon County, Broward County, and Dade County where she taught Reading, Language Arts, Physical Education and Driver’s Education. She has taught at various Charter Schools, Avant Charter Academy as an Athletic Director, Children In The Spirit and now Eagle Nest Charter Academy. During her summers, she enjoyed being a Director in Leon County,  Broward County , studying and ministering the world of God to millions around the world.

In addition to teaching, sports, and, art, Yvonne loved ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ and Pray for others. She is the CEO and founder of the International Kingdom Connection, Inc. Powerhouse System, World-wide International Church without Walls, Inc., the United Kingdom of God Gentle Movement, the Kingdom Walls Street and International Kingdom University-U.S.A. and various other locations. Like Nigeria, where Pastor Augustine is her Vice President. Her adviser is Dr. Kevin Vaughan owner and operator of Men Let's Talk

In addition to creating healthy system to help and promote others, Yvonne loved to read and write. She is the author of 10 books and creator of 2 children books. Yvonne enjoys spending her time with her beautiful children and grandchildren, in church, ministering and working with a private non-profit School called, “Eagle Nest Charter Academy,” in Lauderhill, Florida. Where Catherine Mentis is her Chief Area Director and Principal. Her and her family are oversee by one of the greatest athlete to live: The Great Apostle Billy Thompson and his great wife Apostle Cynthia Thompson at Jesus People Proclaimed International Church where she attend service and serve on their Sampson Ministry team.

About The CEO and Founding Mother


Mission Statement

The mission of International Kingdom University-U.S.A. is to win souls to Jesus Christ, teach repentance, baptism, and the Holy Spirit. We teach the basic fundamentals of what it means to be born again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We teach the full gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and His discipleship with the 12 apostles, their teachings in Acts, and great men of God who follow his leading throughout history and today.


To build strong Christian believers in every nation who have a solid foundation to bear much fruit in Christ Jesus. We believe in the 9 gifts of the spirit. And we promote all nine gifts.


Our curriculum is based primary on the Holy Spirit inspiration by the word of God. We strongly believe and dedicate our curriculum to the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the bible (word of God) and his holiness.


 International Kingdom University-U.S.A. is a non-profit educational University. We are cultivating people of all race, sex, and nationalities. We do not discriminate against race, sex, religion, educational background, financial status, origin, or ethnicity.


 It is our goal to teach about the death, burial, resurrection and victorious life in Jesus Christ. We are not the masters of eschatology but five-fold ministers or the prophetic.

Therefore, we recommend our overseers school at Jesus People Proclaimed International Church: Apostle Billy and Prophet Cynthia Thompson at Eternal Change Ministries (ECM) and a few of our affiliate schools such as Grace International Bible University

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